In discussing my dilemma with Ms. Lyon in passing, she mentioned her love of organization and graciously offered to assist me. Not only was I thrilled with the offer, but also confident that she could help me achieve my overall goals, based upon her confidence, drive, and flair. She joined me on one of her rare days off and spent six hours with me, auditing as we moved each piece out of the closet. After a thorough inspection of each item, she took the reins and began reinventing my personal wardrobe nirvana. Needless to say, the results were amazing! I had clothing, shoes, and accessories that I had completely forgotten about. And now, they were all in eyeshot, methodically arranged and ready to wear. (Not to mention, I had a very happy husband!)Trust me when I say that Ms. Lyon is a standout from every perspective. From her style to her personality to her ability to relate to people on a variety of levels, she has a plethora of skills.

Kristie K.


"Professional & has great tips to help keep our family organized! She did my daughter's room and it looked amazing when she finished - thankful for you!!" -JA
Greenville, NC

Jessica A.


"My Organizer, Jenna is the BEST!!! She came into my closet and bedroom and helped me get my thoughts organized enough to clean out and get rid of what I didn't need and find new uses for things I forgot I had. Along with reorganizing, Jenna gave me tips to stay organized after she left. I can't wait to have her help me in every room in my house!"-MP 
Raleigh, NC 

Marley P.


"A Fresh Project is such an amazing business! Jenna is a very professional, and pleasant person to work with." "Her organization skills will far surpass your expectations, and whatever project you throw her way will come out better than what you could imagine. The whole process from the consultation to the completion of the project is efficient, timely, and overall a great experience." "Trust her with your next project, you won’t regret it!" -CW
Greenville, NC

Callie W.


 "Jenna is a very detailed, committed, and focused-driven owner. She goes above and beyond for each client to make sure they are satisfied with her services." She handles each client with a unique organizational strategy based on their lifestyle and listens to their concerns so she can provide them with the most beneficial feedback. " If you are located in the Raleigh, North Carolina area, I HIGHLY recommend choosing A Fresh Project for any/all of your organizational needs." -ER Charlotte, NC 

Emily R.


"Jenna was such a pleasure to work with! She is quick to respond to inquiries and quick to schedule your project. " "My suggestion is to let her take the reins and do what she does best, promise you will not be disappointed." "My closet turned out amazing & look forward to working with her again!" -AC Raleigh, NC

Amelia C.


"Organizational genius. Jenna can turn any space into an organized masterpiece that can be sustained long-term. From the consultation to the finished product, she exceeds expectations at every turn. I would highly recommend A Fresh Project to anyone with a dauntingly cluttered space on their hands." -CW
Winston Salem, NC

Christina W.


"Jenna did an amazing job helping me organize my living room. It never would have come out so nice without her." KL
Franklinton, NC

Kayley L.


“Jenna is delightful to work with. She is is a woman on a mission! My husband and I are thrilled with the transformation she created in what first-floor living space that is a full one-third of our home. This is the area that all the "messy" living takes place, kitchen dining and tv room open floor plan. Hire her! Love your space again.” -MR 
Chapel Hill, NC

Maureen R.


"Jenna was so fun to be around and did such great work! She’s professional and a good conversationalist, which is great because I talk a lot. I had literally no idea that my office could even be this organized hahah I definitely thought I had way too much stuff. Letting her do her thing was awesome because she is so clever in coming up with ideas! Would absolutely recommend it to anyone, plan on using her again soon for my upcoming move."
Raleigh, NC

Taylor N.


"Everything was beautifully done and the communication throughout the process was impeccable, given I was out of state. I would definitely recommend Jenna 's services ⭐⭐⭐⭐!"
Raleigh, NC

Abigail C.


"Jenna was the perfect solution to resolving our chaotic Kitchen. our Project was a larger one so we were concerned with how it would be possible to help us, but we are Absolutely Impressed. She was able to take a few of our ideas and expand on them exponentially creating an organized, show ready kitchen. The process was insanely simple, with a quick walkthrough, high level discussion on proposed plans, and she did the rest. Ordered all of the materials, decluttered, Installed the materials, and organized the space to be functional and something that we love to show off. We would definitely Recommend Jenna to anyone looking for some help."
Youngsville, NC 

Tony C.


"Jenna communicated when she was on her way, was on time, and did a wonderful job of helping me clear more space in my house. She’s a team player, good natured, physically strong which helped a lot with lifting and carrying, and willing to take instruction. I’ll be having her back. "
Durham, NC

Lucy S.


“Jenna was such a joy to work with! She made my space more functional and organized and I absolutely love it. Working two jobs and planning a wedding I needed a working space— she gave ideas, she went to the store with me and helped me make a breathable area for me to get things done! I am very pleased and I will definitely have her back! 10/10 recommend her!” 
Greenville, NC

Victoria B. 


I recently had the pleasure of using the services of  A Fresh Project Organization Company. From start to finish, their customer service was outstanding. Jenna was very knowledgeable and helpful, answering any questions and teaching me ways to keep my home consistently organized. In a timely and friendly manner, I might add. Jenna made sure to go above and beyond to ensure that my needs were met. I was also impressed by the quality of work and how simple the systems were. Jenna did an excellent job and I am very pleased with the end solution. I highly recommend their services and give them a five-star rating!
Raleigh, NC

Karen B.